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Jennifer Waters, Dipl.Ac, L.Ac., ATMAT and Light Therapist is committed to helping you uncover the true cause of dis-ease in your body and mind. Jennifer’s unique combination of Acupuncture, Detoxification Programs, Maya Abdominal and Light Therapies, have proven to be very effective in restoring your health.

Jennifer’s formal education includes a Bachelors degree from Friends World College and a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Oriental Medical Institute of Hawaii. She has studied with Master Acupuncturist Zion Yu, Abdominal Therapy with Rosita Arvigo, Light Therapies with Tinka Smith and Wesley Burwell and is part of the Practitioner Group with Anthony William. She wrote the book , “Welcome the Pain: The Life and Work of Master Acupuncturist Zion Yu” which resulted from her “Talking With Masters” column for Acupuncture Today.

Her trademarked, “One Session Pain Relief” has evolved out of twenty years of clinical practice eliciting the help of these potent modalities to bring about change in as few sessions as possible. Jennifer believes that the “issue is in the tissue” and the foundation of your tissue is your diet. Nutrition has been included in Jennifer’s formal and informal studies since 1986. She teaches what she calls a “common sense, no-nonsense approach” to eating well.

Life Source’s logo is the arms of the Tibetan-Chinese thousand-armed goddess named Ushnishasitatapattra, who is a special form of the goddess Tara. Both of these special deities embody wisdom and compassion in the Buddhist tradition. Her thousand arms represent her willingness and commitment to help all beings, no matter how many. Good health is something that is cultivated and maintained. This logo was designed by Marty Blake.

Welcome the Pain

The Life and Work of Master Acupuncturist Zion Yu

Welcome The Pain is a biography of master acupuncturist and healer Zion Yu, “Acupuncturist to the stars!”
A must-read!