Look Loved Facial Acupuncture

When you look loved, you are loved

What is Facial Acupuncture?

Facial acupuncture is not new! For centuries, women have been relying on the wisdom of Chinese Medicine to preserve their vitality and beauty.  Facial acupuncture uses very fine, specially made collagen induction needles along meridians, fine lines and wrinkles in the face in order to rejuvenate the skin. This is supported with constitutional and ear acupuncture, combined with other therapies such as the In Light Medical LED Light and natural products.  This integration of modalities will provide visible results in just one session! You will leave the clinic Looking Loved.


How does it work?

Jennifer was trained in the AcuRegen system by Amanda Shayle who developed the Thrive intradermal needles designed specifically for the face.  This system combines traditional Chinese theory and practice with safe, gentle techniques using these innovative needles.  The needles range in length, the shortest being 3mm to the longest 6mm  Amanda says “This allows us to tightly pack needles into areas that need treating & open up micro-channels where areas of sub-dermal scaffold (the tissue that supports the epidermis) has weakened and collapsed.  This action induces the body’s natural healing mechanism which encourages the production of collagen and elastin.  This rebuilds the tissue scaffold by adding to the collagen levels that already exists and effectively “pack” the epidermis out reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles ”. Medical micro needling¨ as well as intradermal needles¨ work by producing up to 1 million microscopic needle columns (short circuits between cells) in the dermis of the skin.  These stimulate the skin to regenerate and repair itself naturally and safely.


What results can be achieved?

A one off session is available to experience a combined acupuncture and facial treatment.  Your skin will be refreshed and you should find the treatment very relaxing and enjoyable.  To see long lasting improvements, a course of treatment (6 to 12) is required.  This is directly linked to cellular activity with a cycle of the skin’s natural renewal.  Cellular renewal is less effective as we ‘age’ – things just do not work as efficiently.  Over time our cells receive less blood and oxygen.  This means that cells deep within the dermis are reaching the epidermis at a slower rate and are diminished¨ giving the appearance of hyperpigmentation¨ oversized pores¨ uneven skin tone, sagging and production of fine lines and wrinkles.  Our Look Loved treatments enhance cellular function and the products we use are all natural and customized to your needs.


Why a course of treatment?

Over a 3 month period, the refreshed cells deeper in the dermis will have migrated to the surface with improved cells following beneath.  Improvements with the skin and the feeling of wellbeing have been reported after 3 to 6 weeks.  This is similar to studies with acupuncture for pain.  After the initial course of treatment, maintenance treatments are recommended (every 4 to 6 weeks) together with using the best products to prolong and continue to give results.  As with any ‘training’ regime¨ lifestyle and a continued programme will affect outcomes.  For best results¨ combine this with LIfe Source Inner Clear Program to improve your overall health


Feel Loved  Facial Treatments

The Looked Loved experience will leave you looking and feeling less stressed and glistening. Our ability to eliminate stress from the entire body and mind can be done solely through facial work.  All the important acupuncture meridians in the body begin or end on the face, therefore directly affecting our organ function and stress levels.  If you can only come for one session, you will not regret it! All of the modalities used are science based and rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  We have combined the theories of self healing and rejuvenation with intention to create lasting beauty.

Packages are available upon request

We are offer two treatment options for you

  • Deluxe: May include the following:  Constitutional Assessment¨ Spinal Light-Drop (Essential Oil)/LED Light combo), Scalp/Gua Sha; Micro-needling (face and neck with your very own Micro-derma-roller); Thrive intradermals (face and ear)¨ Herbal Light Infusion Mask (Herbal Cloth combined with InLight Medical LED Light) Optional Rife Light Sweeps and Ionic Detox Foot Bath $120 for a 90-120 min  session  (link to book)
  • Express: May include the following:  Constitutional Assessment¨ Scalp/GuaSha; Micro-needling; Thrive Intradermals; Herbal Light Infusion Mask $90 for a 60 min  Session  (link to book)

We recommend treatment approximately 1-4 times per month, over a 3 month period  You cannot rush cellular turnover and for lasting changes, plan for a 3 month experience.

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Jennifer has studied Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture with Dr. Ping ZhangAmanda Shayleand Zion YuAmanda’s I marketing campaign inspired Jennifer’s Look Loved campaign.